THE MOVE – Night Of Fear/Disturbance 7″ 45 with UNIQUE ARTWORK, 1 print ONLY! PRA0091


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Art print with 7″ vinyl record
Artist: THE MOVE
Side A: Night Of Fear
Side B: Disturbance
PRA serial number: PRA0091-DM 109
Artwork print is UNIQUE, 1 (one) print ONLY, marked with serial number and signed by the artist.
Vinyl is second hand in nice condition and plays fine.

POP ROCK ART is a collection of unique picture prints that also include 7″ 45rpm vinyl record.
Digital artwork is inspired by ICONIC POP & ROCK artists and music from the late 20th century decades: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
All artworks are UNIQUE, 1 (one) print ONLY, printed on the high quality photo paper, marked with serial number and signed by artist who studied at Dutch University of Arts.
Vinyl record with unique POP ROCK ART is perfect gift for people who collect vinyl records, have their favorite bands and artists, jukebox owners or simply music lovers.

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